GV Grounds Committee January 14, 2010

Governors Village Grounds Committee Meeting Summary

January 14, 2010

2010 Budget

The Grounds Committee briefly reviewed our budgets for 2010. Each committee’s budget for 2010 remains the same as last year plus the unused portions of 2009 funding (Village – $950.45, Forest – $309.73, Lake – $722.20, Park – $427.83 and Towns – $566.00).

Status of Lake

The Committee discussed an email that Mark Maxwell sent to the Lake residents explaining that the DWQ sent a registered “Notice of Violation” and a “Recommendation for Enforcement”. DWQ had requested copies of the required operations and maintenance records, documentation that a firm plan exists to bring the area into compliance in the spring of 2010 and documentation of required field testing of the level spreader behind the lake. DWQ also requested an explanation of why the required plans have not been adhered to. They have requested a response from the developer by January 30, 2010. DWQ expects to take into consideration the responses from the developer as they consider making a recommendation for a fine to be levied against the developer for non-compliance.

Neighborhood Projects for 2010

Park plans for 2010 are: (1) Install foundation plants around seating area in Meadow Park, (2) Improve the area next to the basketball court, (3) Make improvements to the wooded area next to the fence on Ruffin, and (4) Finish replacing the dead shrubs on Benbury and Britt

Forest plans for 2010 are: (1) Extend the berm with a raised bed at their entrance by 3/1/10 and (2) Reforestation/planting beds and tilling and amending soil.

Village plans for 2010 are: (1) Construct a fence around Fountain Park’s playground area, (2) Add additional playground equipment, (3) Finish replacing the dead shrubs and trees in the cul-de-sacs, and (4) Add more plants and flowers to Fountain Park.

Towns plans for 2010 are: (1) Complete the landscaping in Loop Park, (2) Reforest buffer gaps along Mt. Carmel Church Road next to the new Town Homes, and (3) Install a speed bump at the bottom of the access road from the Lake Homes that will be handicap accessible.

Lake Grounds Committee was not presented to report.

Committee also discussed the possibility of scheduling similar projects between neighborhoods to cut the cost.

Other Business

· Information on whether Bell South will landscape around their large utility boxes at the corner of Fountain Park is still pending.

· About 550 daffodil bulbs were planted throughout Governors Village last October. The Grounds Committee agreed to sponsor a Spring Cleanup and Perennial Planting Day in April. (date to be determined).

· With the impending improvements at the entrance to the Forest, our committee discussed moving some of the boulders at the entrance to various locations throughout Governors Village to enhance our landscaping. Each Grounds Committee will have to determine the location within their neighborhood.

· The Forest is concerned about the corner of Whippoorwill and Farrington Mills. It’s common to see trucks and cars parked on the corner. The Forest Committee would like to plant trees and shrubs to discourage this activity.

· Mary Anne reminded everyone to check the condition of their street signs, stop signs, light poles and fire hydrants and report anything that needs repair, paint or straightening to Joel.

· The Grounds Committee has become aware that future meetings will have to be held somewhere other than the Camden Apartments Community Room. The Board will have to determine an alternative for all Governors Village Committee Meetings starting next month (February).

· The Committee discussed the Barlett Tree Service Proposal. We decided to contact Al Cook from the Chatham County Extension Service for advice and then determine how we will proceed. We all agreed that maintaining our trees health was important.

The committee passed over the “Yet to Do List” and adjourned the meeting.

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