GV Grounds Committee February 11, 2010

Governors Village Grounds Committee Meeting Summary

FEBRUARY 11, 2010

Neighborhood Reports

Village Report

  • Dogwood trees have been planted on the Long Island as replacements for the shrubs that died during the drought of 2007.
  • A design plan for Ward has been implemented and completed.
  • More flowers and plants are planned for Fountain Park.
  • The signs in the Village need to be inspected.  Some street signs are still pointing in the wrong direction.

Lake Report

  • There is a meeting concerning the lake scheduled for February 12th at 9:30pm.  Chris Gamber, Mark Maxwell, Autumn Romanski from Talis and a representative from Crosland will meet to discuss the remainder of work yet to be done to bring the lake up to compliance with the DWQ. The work should be completed by spring.

Towns Report

  • The GT Grounds Committee plans to complete the design work in Loop Park in the next few weeks.
  • They hope to fill in the gaps in the buffer along Mt.Carmel Church next to the new townhomes.
  • The streets in the Towns are still the responsibility of Roebuck Homes.  There are repairs to the roads in the original townhouses that have not been made and they have become aware that the roads in the new townhouse section will not accommodate school buses.
  • The town committee would like assurance that the dead trees between their houses and the lake will be removed by the developer prior to the lake being transferred to the HOA.

Park Report

  • The landscaping around the seating area in Meadow Park will be completed within weeks.  The plans have been approved by the ARB and the BOD.
  • The next area to be address will be next to the basketball court.
  • In response to a request for picnic tables in the wooded area next to the pond.  Mary Anne has received information and will submit same to ARB.

Forest Report

  • The Forest Committee plans to spread the top soil and to plant the trees and shrubs to complete the work on the new section of their berm by the end of next month.
  • Keith is working with Brian Sawyer to move some of the large boulders at the entrance to the Forest. Neighborhoods interested incorporating some of these large rocks into their landscaping plans should contact Keith.

Other Business

Pine Straw

A spreadsheet outlining the 2010 pine straw was reviewed and discussed. The committee had several questions.

Spring Cleanup and Perennial Planting

Current plans are to host a perennial planting on March 27th.

Barlett Bid for care of our trees was reviewed and discussed

The committee members agreed that we would make sure all the trees are free of mulch, soil etc. around the base of all the trees.  (If any tree has a serious girding problem, depending on the severity, either APS or Barlett can be contacted for assistance.

BOD and ARB guidelines for approving Grounds Projects

Even though landscaping projects are on the books for long lengths of time (usually years), once a committee decide to move forward with a project, the design layout and contract must be submitted to the Board and ARB for approval.  Mary Anne will include the ARB on the distribution list for our meeting minutes each month to give the ARB heads up on what each Grounds Committee is working on.

The “Yet to Do List”

Committee members agreed to update their portion of this spreadsheet and forward a current copy to Mary Anne.

Open Discussion:

We discussed parking on the streets for safety and esthetics.