GV Grounds Committee March 11, 2010

Governors Village Grounds Committee Meeting Summary

March 11, 2010

Ina Kimbrough, a Village resident and a master gardener, presented a list of invasive plants she would like the Grounds Committee to avoid in future landscaping plans.  She also has identified native plants in the wooded areas around the lake that she feels should be preserved.  Ina is a volunteer for the Chapel Hill Botanical Gardens.  She would like Governors Village to move to a “Green Environment” and use “Green” methods for community maintenance.

Neighborhood Reports

Village Report

·      The Village Ground Committee is working on a plan to add a butterfly garden to Fountain Park near the playground area.

Townhomes Report

·      There are still a few trees and plants that will be added to Loop Park to complete the project.

·      A complete list of items that have been left undone by the developer or Roebuck in regard to the new town houses is being prepared.  This effort is being made prior to Roebuck completing the build out and leaving the neighborhood.  We hope this list will give everyone a clear picture of what work is left to be done – by the developer, by Roebuck and what our HOA will be facing once the ownership of the lake and the new Lake Townhomes are turned over to our association.

·      There is a large amount of building debris along the last row of new homes being built.  This debris needs to be removed and disposed of by Roebuck.

·      There are large gaps in the Mt. Carmel Church Road buffer that need to be reestablished to protect the homes from the noise and traffic on Mt. Carmel.

·      The corner of Moring and Mt. Carmel Church has been neglected.  Since this is essentially the entrance to the Lake Towns it should also be given priority attention also.

·      No word on when the repairs to the roads in the townhouses will be completed.

Forest Report

·      The soil for the extended berm has been graded and is now ready for planting of trees, plants and other material similar to the existing berm.  The committee also will use a variety of pine saplings to buffer between the existing wooded area and this extension.

·      In regards to the boulders at the entrance to the Forest, if Grounds Members would like to incorporate any of these rocks into their landscaping, Keith would  like to get a plan coordinated so Brian Sawyer know where to move them.

Park Report

·      The project to landscape around the amphitheater is complete. However, there are still a few items that need to be completed.

·      The ARB has approved placing three picnic tables in the wooded area next to the pond.

·      The next area in the Park that will be worked on will be the wooded area next to the basketball courts.

Lake Report

·      A meeting was held to review the plan designed by John Bendelow with APS for landscaping around the lake.  This plan will be presented to the BOD on March 25th.

·      The DWQ has given Crosland (and/or developer) until the end of April to bring the lake into compliance.

·      There was some discussion concerning the dead trees between the townhouses and lake and one in particular in the inlet to the lake near the access road and David Stone.  Joel sent email outlining North Carolina Law dealing with dead trees and owner liability.  According to Joel, Crosland has made it clear they do not plan to take down any trees although legally they are liable for any damage or injury caused by these trees if they have been made aware of the hazard.

·      Lighting down near the bridge has always been part of the discussion for the lake.  It should be added to the project list.

·      Mark will contact John Bendelow to see if a drip line can be put down Wicker to help irrigate the new crepe myrtles.  There is irrigation at the entrance to the Lake Homes that could feed a drip line instead of using gator bags that would have to be filled.

Other Business

Cleanup Day for March 27th cancelled and will rescheduled in the fall.

The Cleanup Event and Perennial Planting tentatively scheduled for March 27th never got off the ground and Mary Anne decided to wait until fall to reschedule.

Pine Straw Allocation

·      A spreadsheet outlining the areas and amount of pine straw that the BOD approved for each neighborhood was discussed.   The amount of pine straw was not increased from last year. Grounds Committee has concerns that the amount approved is seriously inadequate.  Grounds would have like to have had input into this decision.

·      Mary Anne did check with the BOD and told the committee that if they organized a community effort to spread the pine straw, they could use the savings for additional pine straw or use the savings on other landscaping projects.

·      All future Grounds projects will focus on ways to cut back on the use of pine straw and mulch.

Answers to questions from last month’s Grounds Meeting

·      Several signs in GV are facing the wrong way?  The signs have not been corrected.  Ann will be glad to point them out to whoever comes out to make the repair.

·      Parking? We have been advised that personal cars can be parked on the streets over night but cannot be left 24/7 without being moved.