GV Grounds Committee April 8, 2010

Governors Village Grounds Committee Meeting Summary

April 8, 2010

Neighborhood Reports

Village Report

  • The Village Committee is moving forward with plans for a butterfly garden near the playground area in Fountain Park.
  • The Village will be installing a fence around the playground.

Forest Report

  • The Forest completed the berm extension at the entrance. This project was completed with the guidance of Keith Larkin and help from many Forest residents. Feedback has been positive.
  • The Forest Committee will host a clean-up day on April 24th.  Details will be discussed at their meeting on April 14th.

Townhomes Report

  • The plants and shrubs to complete the landscaping in Loop Park are on order and will be planted in April.
  • Clint Osborn is working with Alison Flemming on defining a project approval process for the Townhouses.
  • Plans for reforesting the buffer along Mt. Carmel Church Road next to the new Townhouses are being developed.

Park Report

  • The next Park Project will be improving the area next to the basketball court.   The first action taken will be to solve the drainage problem and then plant shrubs and grasses in the area.
  • Three picnic tables were placed in the wooded area next to the pond for the summer enjoyment of our residents.  The benches under the pergola on the Pharr Island were also installed. Thanks to all the residents on Pharr that help complete this project.

Lake Report

  • John Bendlow from APS presented the landscaping plan for around the lake to the BOD at their last meeting.
  • Joel received a bid to install a handicap ramp and steps on the Wicker side of the Lake from Schreiber for $6,903.00 which would give Lake Residents easy access down to the walking path around the lake.  The Board will take it under consideration.
  • There is nothing new to report on the developer’s repairs to the lake or any DWQ requirements being completed.
  • Mark is trying to work out a solution to water the area that was planted at Wicker and the access road down to townhouses last fall
  • The Lake Committee plans to improve the entrance to their neighborhood.  They are working with John Bendelow on a landscaping plan.  John also plans to hookup a drip line from the entrance down Wicker to keep the new crepe myrtles watered this summer.

Community Pine Straw Application

The Park and Forest have decided to spread pine straw in their communities to save money and get more coverage. The pine straw will be put down on Saturday, April 17th by Park residents.  The Forest plans to spread their straw on their Clean-up day on April 24th.The remaining neighborhoods will let APS apply the pine straw in their neighborhoods.

Governors Village Maintenance for 2010

Mary Anne told the committee to contact Joel if they had any questions or special requirements for APS since most of the neighborhoods have installed new landscaping during the winter months.

“Eye Sores” in the Community

  • There are many visitors driving through our neighborhoods to view “For Sale” homes in Governors Village especially in Governors Park.  The Grounds Committee would remind everyone to sweep up grass clippings off the sidewalks.  Garbage cans are required to be screened from view of the street by our by-laws.  Abiding by these rules will give buyers a good impression of our community and help maintain home values for everyone.
  • Installation of “basketball backstops” in driveways may be prohibited by our by-laws.  Mary Anne will check with Joel.
  • The Committee agreed that the space that “Goodwill” planned to build on in the retail area needs serious attention

Open Discussion

The Grounds Committee has heard many recent complaints about dog owners not picking up after their dogs.  The new community newsletter that is being developed might be a good place to discuss dog stations and other “Eye Sores” in the Community.   It is possible many residents are not aware of these restrictions.

Mary Anne suggested that Committee members might consider a trip up to Hillsborough to Multiflora Greenhouses if they are looking for plants for their beds this spring.  The greenhouse has acres under roof and outside patios full of hanging baskets, bedding plants (annuals & perennials) at better than Wal-Mart, Home Depot or Lowe’s prices.www.multifloragreenhouses.com .Located of St. Mary’s Rd at 1623 Sharon church Rd.  919-732-3630. Only checks and cash – there is no tax since they are a wholesale nursery.