GV Grounds Committee June 10, 2010

Governors Village Grounds Meeting Highlights

June 10, 2010

Presentation on APS Draft Landscape Design for the Lake

  • John Bendelow (APS) presented a draft landscape design for the lake. The BOD requested this presentation to receive input from residents prior to approval. Additional presentations may be planned. A copy of the draft design is on the Talis website.
  • Chris Gamber, VP of the HOA gave an update on the present situation with the developer (Crosland and Dane Vincent.
  • Department of Water Quality (DWQ) has issued several warnings to Crosland and Dane Vincent, which outlined the violations that need to be corrected to avoid fines. DWQ did an inspection last month and took water samples. As soon as the lab work is completed, DWQ will likely issue a Failure-to-Comply Notice and set the daily fines if the violations are not corrected.

Neighborhood Reports

Village Report

  • The fence and arbor around the playground in Fountain Park was approved by the ARB and BOD and will be installed in June.
  • A butterfly garden next to the playground is planned for this fall.
  • Dead shrubs on the berm and dead trees in Fountain Park need to be replaced.

Park Report

  • A big “Thank You” for the residents in the Park who helped spread the pine straw. The effort saved money and allowed for all Park areas to be covered.
  • Work to improve the area next to the basketball court and replacement of dead shrubs and plants will be done this fall.

Townhomes Report

  • The speed bump at the bottom of the access road from the Lake Homes has been installed.
  • A plan is being developed to reforest the buffer on Mt. Carmel Church Rd.
  • The remaining trees and shrubs in Loop Park will be planted this fall.
  • Several trees in front of the new townhomes have died and need to be replaced.

Lake Report

  • An irrigation line was installed along Wicker to help keep the new crepe myrtles watered during the summer months.
  • There has been some discussion about extending the entrance stone walls.

Forest Report

  • The Forest also saved money by spreading pine straw as a community project.
  • The Forest plans to add more trees and shrubs to the new berm extension and the entrance and to add more junipers to the cul-de-sacs.

General Discussions

  • The committee members ask that the bushes along the fences in the Townhomes be trimmed. APS is scheduled to cut the shrubs this month.
  • The committee discussed planning another “Fall Clean-up Day and Bulb Planting” in October.