POA Board of Directors Meeting July 15, 2010

Governors Village Property Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting July 15, 2010

Meeting Summary

Homeowners Forum

Clint Osborn, Townhomes Grounds Chair, presented proposals for a phased landscape approach to deal with the boundary area in the new townhomes along Christopher Drive to the entrance at Moring Drive.  The first phase of plantings will cost about $6,000 and be funded by money currently allocated to the townhomes. The second phase of grass and Junipers along the boundary area has a projected cost of $19,000 that will require an addition to the THs 2011 budget. The proposal is being taken under consideration by the board.

Presidents Report

  • Work to fill open board seats in this fall’s elections is starting.  Rosemary McGee will chair the nominating committee.  Communications will be sent to property owners with information on the seats to be filled and the elections process.
  • Frank Ferreira and Ted Smith were approved as new ARB members.

Financial Report

The POA’s financial position is good. For the first six months of the year income less expenses after adjustments was $13,628.

Management Report

  • Talis was asked to check the status of the turnover of the Lake and Forest roads and report back to the board president and treasurer for approval of a bid from CE Group to prepare applications for DOT maintenance if the respective developers have not done so already.
  • The board has started work on the 2011 budget.
  • A preliminary copy of the new reserve study was presented. A subcommittee of board members will meet with the consultants to discuss the study in depth.
  • An audit of the POA’s balance sheet as of December 31, 2009 has been successfully completed. The finance committee was asked to review the audit and present any comments or questions to the board.
  • The new tables for the pool area have arrived and are in place.
  • The new website is up and running – same address as the old site. Now much of the information can be accessed without a password.
  • Repairs are being made to David Stone (street) in the towns prior to its turnover to the POA. These repairs are being paid for by the developer.
  • Lake Update: Debbi Nichols reported that there are ongoing discussions for work on the lake. Carolina Waterscapes is working to remove weeds, replant pond edge, removing debris, and mowing and maintenance of existing slopes.
  • Rosemary McGee expressed concern that a common area at the corner of Whippoorwill and Farrington is being misused. Talis will find out what the DOT will allow to be done there to limit unauthorized use and will report to the board.
  • Talis was asked to start a discussion with DOT relative to a crossing light at the Mt. Carmel crossing to the pool.

Next board meeting:  Thursday, September 15th, 7:15PM at the apartments office