Governors Village BBQ

Thank you to everyone who participated and gave so generously at our 2nd Community Food Drive, which was held at the Governor’s Village BBQ. We had waited to release the numbers due to a request from a handful of families that wanted to make some additional food donations over that following week. Earlier this week, all the food and monetary contributions were delivered to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.

The food contributions weighed in at 380 pounds and the monetary contributions raised at the pool totaled out at $445.00 (which then was matched by a resident) and increased our Community’s monetary donation to $900.00.

As we are all well aware, recently there have been many more families who have joined the already large number of individuals in need of a little assistance (and there are multitudes of others living precariously close to the edge of financial instability) – these unsettled times have resulted in more and more reliance on the Food Bank by individuals and families, as well as by the local partner agencies which rely on the Food Bank for the food they distribute. Based on the most recent available statistics (2008-2009), the Food Bank distributed 561,733 pounds of food annually in Chatham County, and that food was able to serve some 109,898 individuals at least one meal. Unfortunately, that number will probably be markedly increased by the time the next set of statistics is released.

However, with the help and concern of neighbors and communities the Food Bank will continue to reach out to those who need a little assistance – and for your assistance in that endeavor – a very heartfelt thank you.

Chris and Amy Gamber