Lake Development Committee

Terry OBrien, POA board liaison for the lake landscaping project, has provided the following status update.

In mid-February, there will be a kick-off meeting with the newly formed Lake Development Committee which is responsible for the planning and execution of improvements to the lake bordering the Townes and the Lake neighborhoods.

The group will consider the preliminary landscaping plans prepared by Atlantic Property Services. The Committee will also begin discussions on a Long Term Plan for Lake Development which will be passed to the POA for consideration, review and approval. This development will be a multi-year effort and the Lake Development Committee will develop a time line for improvements, taking into consideration the budgetary constraints of the POA.

To-date the following individuals have signed up to work on this committee:
Ann Cowan – Village
Debbie Francis – Townes
Ray Garlington – Lake
Amy Gamber – Lake
Artemis Malekpour – Lake
Clint Osborn – Townes
Heather Schultz – Townes
Terry OBrien – Board Liaison

Once a meeting schedule is established it will be published on the website in case others would like to attend. This is a project that will ultimately benefit all neighborhoods.