Governors Village Rules on Picking up Pet Waste

The Governors Village POA Board adopted a resolution on pet waste at its January 2011 meeting to “clearly state community rules regarding control of pets and in particular rules regarding pet owners cleaning up and removing pet waste caused by their animals.”

Residents are strongly encouraged to read and become familiar with these rules, which became effective March 1, 2011. Our neighborhoods are full of children, walkers, and pets and it is important that our grounds are free of pet waste for the maximum enjoyment by all.

Many concerns have been expressed about dog waste this year. The HOA provides pet stations throughout our neighborhoods for your convenience, and we expect dog owners to use these stations.  If you have an issue with a neighbor, a pleasant conversation is the first line of defense.

Governors Village currently makes a financial commitment to provide dog stations, but additional costs to clean our neighborhoods would be expensive and may result in additional dues. Please be a good neighbor and pick up after your pet to avoid further disciplinary action and expense.

The pet rules are permanently available in the Documents section of this website under Safety and may also be found on our Talis site.

Governors Village Rules on Picking up Pet Waste 2.6 MB (PDF)