Governors Forest Grounds Committee Update

Ted Smith has provided this update on the Governors Forest Grounds Committee activities.

The Governors Forest Grounds Committee has assembled a list of major accomplishments for 2010.   2010 was a great year for Governors Forest. Together, we have accomplished a great deal:

  1. In March, over 25 homeowners showed up to help with the mini-berm plantings on Raintree Bend by the entrance. This re-forestation project has helped to create a sound buffer as well as a more esthetically pleasing solution to the area.
  2. We would like to thank all the volunteers who turned out to water the new mini-berm plantings over the long, hot summer.
  3. By spreading our own pine straw we were able to use that extra money towards our 2010 projects.
  4. We introduced the GF website where Forest homeowners could go and see pictures from the volunteer clean-up and planting days, as well as minutes from the Grounds Committee meetings, and other neighborhood posts.
  5. As a committee, we’ve established new protocols for when issues arise such as malfunctioning streetlights, monitoring out-of service fire hydrants, etc.
  6. Due to security and safety concerns, the GF Ground Committee along with the GVPOA, worked to build a mini-berm on the corner of Farrington Mill Road and Whippoorwill Road.
  7. This past October we had over 17 households represented for the Fall Clean-Up Day! We cannot thank you enough for all the support. Pictures and a video are posted on the (Forest) website!
  8. All of the dead Junipers along Raintree Bend and Adirondack Way have been replaced at no cost to us.
  9. An Aerial Map of Governors Forest with house numbers, fire hydrants and street names was provided to the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office so that they have it on record in case of emergencies. This was done in part because our streets have not yet been accepted by the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

In late January 2011, committee members met with Al Cooke of the North Carolina Extension Service to get his advice on plants and trees that would be best for the areas that we plan to enhance with our 2011 financial allocation. He suggested visiting the following website for his list of about 50 evergreen plants recommended for screening purposes: