Recreation Committee News April 18, 2011

By Terry Landers, Communication Committee Liaison for Recreation

News from the Recreation Committee

Spring 2011 has sprung … we hope everyone is ready for outdoor fun!    A lot of work has been underway to improve our community recreation amenities.    Please enjoy yourselves … but most importantly, stay safe!!

Basketball Court

Basketball courts were relined last fall.

Tennis Courts

New center straps for the tennis nets and new rol-dri replacement sponges have been ordered for the tennis courts.   You may notice that the fence around the tennis courts has been pushed in and the adjacent fasteners snapped off.   Please make sure your children understand that riding bikes into fences, kicking balls into fences etc. can result in damage, which may be expensive to repair.


Both playgrounds have undergone a safety inspection and defects are being addressed.  Fountain Playground has 2 new “bouncy” horses as a result of an offer “too good to refuse,” facilitated by a resident of our community.


–   Available swim instructors, for resident swim lessons, are being investigated.
–   The 2 ceiling fans in the covered seating area have been replaced and 2 sunshades are being installed.  All labor done by some of our favorite volunteers.
–   The floors in the men’s and women’s rooms were improperly slanted.  As a result, water has been gathering and rusting out the base of the modesty panels.  The floor has been corrected to direct any water to the floor drains, and new non-slip floor tiles have been installed.
–   There is a statewide initiative to re-inspect all public pool fences, with the intent to strictly enforce the pool fence code.  Our pool fence will be brought up to code in 6 areas (narrowing gaps) and repainted.
–   The Recreation Committee is scheduling a work night at the pool … Mr. Barry (aka the one armed bandit) will be playing a “conductor” role vs hands-on role this year.   Various tasks to get the pool area ready for opening will be tackled, such as replacing the feet on the patio furniture.  If you have the energy and are willing to help, contact Barry at
–   The major project at the pool this year is an 8 foot expansion of the deck on the far side of the pool.    State code requires that there be an 8 foot buffer around a pool edge without any patio furniture, umbrellas or other objects.  The far side of the pool, as it stood, was 10 feet which was not sufficient to permit tables, lounge chairs etc. and maintain the buffer required by code.

This project was launched last fall when requests for design proposals went out to 3 vendors.   The design proposals were evaluated and a design was selected.   All 3 vendors were invited to submit bids to build the selected design.  A professional engineer was hired to review the final plan and Pool Professionals (the company that runs the pool for the community) was awarded the contract to expand the pool deck.

Work on the expansion was delayed due to unstable soil and requires that we hire a geologist.  Resulting scheduling issues and key personnel health issues caused additional delays.  The pool cannot be opened until the work is completed and has passed county inspection.   Every effort is being made to complete the work on time for the planned May 14 pool opening.

Recreation Committee News 2011-04-18 (PDF)