Lake Development Update

Governors Lake Fountain

Terry OBrien, POA board liaison for the lake landscaping project, has provided the following photo and update on the Lake:

Installation of the fountain at Governors Lake was completed on May 3, 2011, and the fountain is now operating. The fountain was provided by M/I Homes at no charge and work was performed by M/I Homes subcontractor, Foster Lake & Pond Management. Thanks to M/I Homes for their cooperation on this matter and special thanks to Marcia Fleischman who managed the initial discussions with M/I Homes on behalf of the homeowners.

The next element of work around the Lake will be to remove all the dead and diseased trees from around the Lake. These trees have been marked and work will start within 10 days.

Updated 10:00 pm:  Additional pictures of the fountain were photographed by Communications member, Ted Smith.