Governors Forest Clean Up Day April 30, 2011

By Margie Fiorentino, Governors Forest Grounds Chair

Governors Forest held its Spring Clean-Up Day, Saturday, April 30th, 2011. Volunteers of all ages showed up to clean storm drains, pick-up litter and debris along Farrington Mill Road and place yellow flags along Adirondack Way as part of their 2011 grounds project. Some folks went out and donated their time on the Friday before, to help contribute.

2011 Governors Forest Spring Cleanup Volunteers

Volunteers met at the home of Rosemary and John McGee where teams and tasks were assigned. Once the tasks were completed, everyone met back at the McGee home for water, coffee, sweets and fresh strawberries from a local farmer. Governors Forest homeowners were able to get together and catch up on what has been happening in each other’s day-to-day lives while helping to make our community a more beautiful place to live.

The Grounds Committee wishes to thank all the volunteers who contributed to this year’s 2011 Spring Clean Up Day, with a special thank you to the McGees for hosting the event.

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