Donations At Yard Sale Assist NC Tornado Victims

In conjunction with the recent yard sale, Governors Forest residents Ann White and Ron Banick coordinated a successful donation effort to help people affected by tornados in our state. Ann provided this followup to thank contributors.

On Saturday, May 21, 2011, Governors Village POA held another successful community yard sale. We also came together across our neighborhoods to donate household items for the victims of the tornadoes which left many homeless and forced to start to rebuild their lives from scratch. Due to your generosity and giving, Governors Village donated a pick-up packed to the brim of bedding, linens, kitchen items and furniture to the Green Chair Project in Raleigh.

The Green Chair Project is a nonprofit, volunteer organization which is working with 75 families in the Raleigh area to refurnish their homes free of charge after the tornadoes. The coordinators were very pleased to receive our donations and send their thanks and gratitude to all of you who contributed.

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