Upcoming Safety Programs For Governors Village

The Property Owners Association (POA) is pleased to announce that the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office graciously has agreed to provide Bicycle Safety Training for our children and Internet Safety and Security Training for teenagers and parents.

Bicycle Safety Training

The Bicycle Safety Training is intended for children 12 and under. Training will take place on Saturday, September 17, 2011 from 9:00 am until noon in the parking lot in front of the RBC Bank. After teaching safety rules and regulations, the Sheriff’s Office will set up a course for the kids to navigate. Participants will be given hot dogs and drinks when they finish the training and the Sheriff’s Office is exploring some other “take-aways” for the kids.

A sign-up sheet will be provided in August. In the meantime please pass the word to your neighbors to save the date. We encourage all to bring their children to participate in this event as they will enjoy the training and they will enjoy meeting the great staff from the Sheriff’s Office who have been extremely supportive of our safety efforts. In the past few months, the Sheriff’s Office has been collaborating with the POA on several matters, including reducing speeding in the neighborhoods.

Internet Safety and Security Training

In October, the Sheriff’s Office has agreed to provide Internet Safety and Security Training geared for both teenagers and parents. Details will be provided in a future announcement.