Enhancements At Governors Lake

Five steel benches enhance Governors Lake. Photo credit: Ted Smith

Five steel benches and a walkway from Wicker Drive down to the lake are among the newest enhancements to the landscaping around Governors Lake.

Fountain contributed By MI Homes. Photo credit: Ted Smith

The Governors Village community is grateful to MI Homes, builder of the 49 homes of the Governors Lake neighborhood, for donating the fountain in Governors Lake. A high priority for the Lake Development Committee, the fountain became operational in May 2011. With electrical connections, the fountain is valued at $15,000.

Other plans for the lake, mentioned in the Grounds Steering Committee Minutes July 14, 2011, include adding upward-pointing, low voltage lights, clearing some underbrush, and mulching for weed prevention. Next year the Lake Committee plans to landscape areas below the paths and to install paving stone around the inlets to match the patios.