Meet the Governors Village Architectural Review Board (ARB)

Governors Village Architectural Review Board - l. to r.: Dan Spinner (Co-Chair), Ted Smith, Frank Ferreira, Jack Sahadi, Debbi Nichols (Co-Chair), Ken Brady, Terry O’Brien. August, 2011. Photo credit: Ted Smith.

Pictured above is the current Governors Village Architectural Review Board (ARB) during its August meeting. The ARB is tasked with administering design guidelines for our community.  Members meet regularly to review homeowner requests for alterations and improvements.

The Governors Village Property Owners Association (POA) developed the ARB and the ARB guidelines to assure an attractive, compatible, and aesthetically pleasing community. Property owners are bound by the requirements in the guidelines, as well as by the provisions of the Governors Village Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions.

Applicants for design approval by the Governors Village ARB are advised to use the ARB guidelines as a tool for site planning, detailing and landscaping of any new structure or alteration, including fences.  The guidelines may be modified by the ARB from time to time.

Homeowners can use these resources to learn more about architectural reviews in Governors Village :

  • ARB – overview, purpose and current membership list
  • 2011 ARB Schedule – application deadlines and meeting schedules
  • ARB Documents – repository of procedures, guidelines and application forms
  • Talis Management Group – community management company for Governors Village
  • ARB Contact: Debbi Nichols <dnichols4 at>
  • ARB News – search this website for additional articles and information