Learning To Ride Bicycles Safely

The Governors Village Bicycle Safety Training was held Saturday morning, October 1, 2011 under bright, sunny skies. Eight members of the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office were on hand to instruct and help with the program for our community’s children age 12 and under. Officers instructed the kids on the rules of the road and had a course set up for them to navigate.

To help the children learn what was required during the training exercise, the officers first walked the course and then had the children walk it. Then each child had a chance to practice riding on the course. Emphasis was on following all safety regulations, such as stopping at stop signs and at intersections occupied by pedestrians. The kids had a great time and one adult even braved the course.

Following the training, the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office provided the children with new safety helmets. The officers ensured that the helmets were adjusted and fitted properly.

After the formal event ended, the children continued practicing the course. This was a great opportunity to gain experience in a safe environment. Discussions are already underway with the Sheriff’s Office about expanding the training next year.

Governors Village would like to thank the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office for teaching the community’s children how to safely enjoy riding their bicycles. We are fortunate to have such a great group of men and women supporting out community. Thanks also to the POA for organizing the event. This was quite a worthwhile morning for all who participated.

Photo credits: Ted Smith and Terry O’Brien