Where The Sidewalk Ends

Thanks to Debbi Nichols and Adam Zanation for contributions to this article (with apologies to Shel Silverstein).

Residents walking along the meandering paths  in Meadow Park undoubtedly have encountered several places where the sidewalk abruptly terminates. Now, where the sidewalk ends is about to change.

Park Grounds Update

Due to safety issues and the general incomplete nature of the Park sidewalk system, the Park Grounds has begun a project that will complete the upper sidewalk to the pool and complete the lower sidewalk down to street level.

Residents are asked to be cautious of the current construction areas while the project is ongoing. The work will be complete before the end of the year.

This Park Grounds project is currently completely funded by the current year funding without significant carryover cost for next year’s grounds budget. This will allow for a concentration on plantings and trees and soft-scape refurbishment in the early spring and next fall. Future plans may include completing a section of walkway to past the volleyball courts, connecting the playground sidewalk. [Click on any photograph below to step through enlarged  pictures in carousel view. Use the escape key to return to the article.]

Work Inside The Pool Service Gate

With workers already onsite pouring concrete, other projects are being coordinated. Taking place inside the pool gate is a sidewalk repair and extension project. Contractors will replace a panel and widen the walk where the garbage cans are located.

Contacts for more information:

  • Governors Park Grounds Chair, Adam Zanation, zsteela at gmail.com
  • Governors Village POA President, Debbi Nichols, dnichols4 at nc.rr.com