Governors Village Christmas Decorations and More From the Board

The following information was distributed to Governors Village homeowners yesterday, January 26, 2012, through an email from Talis Management Company.

Dear Governors Village Homeowner,

The Governors Village Board of Directors is asking that all homeowners remove (or at least unplug) Christmas decorations by Feb. 1.  While it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between “Christmas Decorations” and “Winter Decorations” there was general agreement that colored lights. shiny brass, and representations of Santa Claus are all “Christmas Decorations.”

The Board met on January 25 and made a number of decisions that will affect and improve the community: ten (10) additional chaise lounges have been ordered for the pool; 80 cubic yards of certified playground mulch will be ordered for the playground near the pool; the Board will ask the Recreation Committee to evaluate the surface at the Fountain Park playground — sand vs mulch;  the Board selected a certified contractor for state mandated maintenance of Governors Lake; and the Board approved application of 2,200 bales of pine straw and 183 cubic yards of hardwood mulch in the common area of the community. Minutes should be available for posting on the website in about a week.

We hope you are enjoying the mild winter weather.

Best Wishes,

Joel Strangis, Talis Management Group