Community Manager Change for Governors Village

Retiring Community Manager Joel Strangis with Cathy Klopfenstein. Cathy will become the Governors Village Community Manager on April 2, 2012.
Photo credit: Ted Smith, February 12, 2012.

On Thursday night Joel Strangis of Talis Management Group announced his retirement in an email to the community. Governors Village extends appreciation to Joel for his years of service to our neighborhoods and welcomes Cathy Klopfenstein.

Dear Homeowner, I will be retiring effective close of business March 30, 2012. I have enjoyed serving your community and working with your Board of Directors. Effective Monday, April 2, the new Community Manager for Governors Village and Townes of Governors Village will be Cathy Klopfenstein, CMCA. Cathy is a former Talis employee and Talis Management is excited to have her back on the team. Cathy’s contact information (beginning April 2) will be 919-878-8787, ext. 237 and <cathy at>.

Should you have an emergency situation related to your Association the weekend of March 30 – April 1 – or at any time that the Talis office is closed – you can reach the Talis on-call manager at 919-878-8787, ext 234.

Again, Thank you for the opportunity to serve your community. Best wishes, Joel Strangis, CMCA

Update: Photograph added March 30, 2012.

1 thought on “Community Manager Change for Governors Village

  1. Lucille and Joseph Bonomolo

    Dear Miss Klopfenstein,
    We wish you all the best with your new position. We welcome you in order to serve our community. Sincerely, Lucille and Joseph Bonomolo, 30081 Britt, Governor’s Park

    Dear Joel,
    Best Luck with retirement. Thank you for serving our community.

    Sincerely, Lucille and Joseph Bonomolo, 30081 Britt, Governor’s Park.

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