Update: 2012 Annual Governors Village Community Garage/Yard Sale

The annual community garage/yard sale will be held Saturday, April 21, 2012, at the pool parking lot. Hours are 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. Today Debbi Nichols provided an update on the upcoming event.

The fliers have been delivered for the 2012 Yard Sale. I have attached a copy and you can also get a copy on the website—governorsvillage.org

There have been some questions so I wanted to clarify. The original covenants prohibit yard sales so we proposed to the Board 10-12 years ago that one yard sale be allowed annually, and that group sale has always been held at the pool parking lot. No reason other than it provided a space large enough for multiple homeowners and is owned by the POA. The commercial lots across the street are not owned by the POA, and would require advance approval by the owners. We have not been given that approval upon prior requests.

However, while many enjoy the hustle and bustle at the pool lot the morning of the sale, residents have always been allowed to set up in their own driveway that morning. You won’t get the traffic that the multiple tables get in the lot, but many have been very pleased with their results. We do signage that tells shoppers to drive the neighborhoods and look for balloons where there is a sale in the driveway. These participants pay the $7 along with everybody else to cover the fliers, advertising and signage, and are responsible for their own balloons. Just note on your form that you are setting up in your driveway, and I will get additional signs depending on how many are participating and where. Again, the feedback I have received indicates that shoppers like to park and see multiple sales, and it does create some urgency, but you are certainly not prohibited if you have multiple large items, etc. and prefer to sell at your home.

Please let us know if you intend to sell from your home- and where you are located. We will make every effort to communicate that to the shoppers. If you have questions, please contact me.
Thank you,
Debbi Nichols <dnichols4 at nc.rr.com>

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