Scenes From Saturday’s 2012 Annual Yard Sale

Photo Credits: Ted Smith, Communication Committee Photographer.

Shoppers arrived in the early morning dawn Saturday as residents set up for the annual Governors Village community-wide yard sale in the pool parking lot. Debbi Nichols and James Hayden organized the yard sale again this year, handling registrations and advertisement and minute details only they are aware needed to be done to have a successful event.

Each spring the yard sale provides Governors Village residents an opportunity to clear out those attics, pick up great bargains and greet neighbors. One resident observed, “The generosity of our community was often on display as sellers gave away some items, especially to children. The recipients left smiling with their new gifts.”

As the pictures show, one is never too young to enjoy a yard sale. (Click for larger view.)

In between the action, there is time to catch up on reading.

Does Ed really want to give up this chair?

Nothing is too big or too small. Somehow there is a way. 

Recognize anyone? Or recognize your things from last year’s yard sale? Leave a comment below if you think Ed should have kept his chair. (Click for larger view.)