Residential Condos in Governors Village

Governors Village POA Board of Directors President Debbi Nichols provided some information through the listserve today regarding Domicile Realty’s request to rezone property in the Village.

Some of the homeowners have asked about the rezoning signs that are posted in the Village. I recently met with Chris Ehrenfeld at Domicile Realty, who gave me a short summary of what they would like to do. On the attached site plan, the property submitted for rezoning is the “Subject Property” in Parcel B, adjacent to the apartments. It is currently zoned Commercial, and the Ehrenfelds would like to change that to residential.
Chris sent a short description, which follows. He can be reached at Domicile Realty if you have questions.
Debbi Nichols

Debbi Nichols, President – dnichols4 at
Chris Ehrenfeld, Domicile Realty –  919-285-1005,

Overview of Residential Condominium Project, Chris Ehrenfeld, Domicile Realty – uploaded May 21, 2012 (PDF)
Governors Village Residential Condominiums Site Plan  – uploaded May 21, 2012, 5.4MB (PDF)