Governors Village Pool Hours

Barry Bassett, Chair of the Recreation Committee, provided an urgent reminder last night about the hours of use for the Governors Village pool. [To learn exactly when the sun is setting, check websites such as local news websites or GAISMA. The sun will set today at 8:21 pm. A week from now it will set at 8:14 pm.]

Tonight there were a large number of people inside the pool fence after official pool hours. It has come to my attention that use of the pool after official pool hours is not uncommon.

Governors Village Official Pool Hours are 6:00am till 8:30pm or Sunset which ever comes first. Sunset is now before 8:30PM, therefore the pool closes before 8:30PM.

Being inside the pool fence after sunset is both a safety and legal issue and jeopardizes our pool permit. Anyone found inside the pool fence after the pool has closed will have their pool key deactivated.


Contact: Barry Bassett, Recreation Committee Chair – ebarrybassett at