Volunteer For BooFest October 27, 2012

BooFest, Governors Village’s traditional Halloween celebration, will be held October 27, 2012, starting at 4:00 p.m. Residents are urgently needed to help with the festival’s production this year.

2011 BooFest

Chair Dominique Gignac announced yesterday the Social Committee needs quite a few volunteers to ensure the 2012 BooFest and its legendary Haunted Maze will be a success.

2010 BooFest

In years past, a dedicated group of folks have done a tremendous job to make sure this event happened, but this year they have prior engagements and the committee need YOU to come forward!

Volunteer now to make sure the BooFest happens this year!

Contact: Dominique Gignac, Social Committee Chair, dgignac at earthlink.net, 919.968.6933