Landscaping The Grassy Strip (Sidewalk Buffer)

On September 16, 2012, Co-Chair Debbi Nichols issued this announcement on behalf of the Governors Village Architectural Review Board (ARB).

The Architectural Review Board (ARB) recognizes that keeping grass green and thriving in the strip between sidewalk and street is challenging, almost impossible without irrigation in that area. We have approved 2 alternatives so far, but are open to considering other ground covers if you have found something you would like to try.

We have approved miniature liriope (monkey grass) and bugle weed (ajuga)—both evergreen. The bugle weed spreads, but should be planted close enough together to look attractive initially. The liriope needs to be planted close together as well. A great example of the liriope is at Dovecote in Fearrington Village.

All exterior changes need to be submitted to ARB, but the above two are quick approvals. If you have another evergreen, low plant material you would like to propose, submit an application with photo and description of that material. We are happy to consider alternatives.

The ARB meets on the second Tuesday of the month, and has recently been meeting at the Bean and Barrel. However, if you have questions prior to that, you can email me at dnichols4 at or call 929-969-9871.

To clarify one thing about grass strips, any requests must be for evergreen plant material that is very low to ground. No material such as gravel, rock, mulch, etc., will be considered or allowed.

Also, a reminder that the grass strip can be irrigated: if you have irrigation, it can be as easy as adjusting the irrigation heads. If you do not have irrigation, you are probably fighting a losing battle on the strip and in your yard in our North Carolina summers. You might want to consider improving your home by adding.

Contact: Debbi Nichols, ARB Co-Chair, POA President, At Large Director, Architecture Liaison (2012) – dnichols4 at

ARB Schedule: ARB meets on the second Tuesday of the month. ARB applications must be received at Talis by 5:00 pm the Wednesday prior to the ARB meeting. They can be submitted by fax, electronically or mail.