2012 Governors Park Grounds Committee To Meet Wednesday

Governors Park residents are invited to participate when the Park Grounds Committee holds its first meeting of the year on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at 7:00 pm. Adam Zanation, chair of the grounds committee for the Park neighborhood announced the meeting today through the community listserv.

Dear Neighbors,

We are having a meeting of the Governors Park Grounds Committee this Wednesday at 7pm at my house (30138 Village Park Drive). If you would like to be more involved in the committee, bring your ideas and stop by.

The itinerary is listed below for the meeting, and we will keep to a tight schedule. If you are a Park resident and have an idea or concern (no matter how big or small) send me an email with a picture (if applicable).

Please note that the Grounds Committee is not responsible for the state or up keep of the grass in the common areas (that is a contract between the POA and APS) and the committee does not have the funds to take on grass maintenance. Thanks.

7pm – Introductions
7:05 pm – Review of this year’s and next year’s budget
7:10 pm – Listing of ideas
7:25 pm – Prioritization of ideas
7:35 pm – Finish

Once ideas are prioritized, we will start some of them and for larger scale plans get bids, etc., and communicate by email during the beginning implementation phases.

Adam Zanation

Contact:Adam Zanation, Governors Park Ground Committee Chair, Zsteela at gmail.com