Agenda – Communication Committee October 15, 2012

The Governors Village Communication Committee will hold its 2012 fourth-quarter meeting Monday, October 15, 4:30-5:30 pm at the Bean and Barrel. The agenda is attached.


  • Community residents are welcome to attend meetings and are encouraged to please share ideas with committee members for improving communication in Governors Village.  What activities are not being covered, what documents are absent or difficult to locate, what would you like to know more about in-depth about the Governors Village community?
  • If you are on a committee or board, then Communications really needs your help.  Please share your news, goals, membership changes and other items of interest to be published on the website  If you are doing great things on behalf of Governors Club, let us promote your efforts and achievements.
  • Lastly, join us! Communications is actively seeking additional members, especially to participate in gathering and reporting community news; and to serve as backup website editor.

Contact: Susie Moffat, Chair (susie_moffat at

Communication Agenda October 15, 2012 (PDF)