POA Annual Meeting Brings Board Transition

Photo credit: Grateful acknowledgment to Ted Smith, communication committee photographer.

The outgoing 2012 Governors Village Board of Directors poses together at the Annual Meeting. All but Debbi are returning to serve the community next year. Standing left to right are Otto White, Rosemary McGee, Wes Weaver, Jo Watta, Terry O’Brien, Debbi Nichols and Chris Gamber.

Outgoing President Debbi Nichols presided at the Governors Village annual meeting  on Thursday, November 15, 2012. The board’s meeting presentation is attached below.

Outgoing President Debbi Nichols

Three candidates running unopposed for seats on Governors Village POA Board of Directors were elected by acclamation at the annual meeting. Rosemary McGee (Forest Director), Jill Ehrenfeld (Townes Director) and John Eberhard (At-Large Director) will each serve three-year terms.

Alina Cochran, who became the new community manager for Governors Village in October 2012, was introduced to the residents at the start of the meeting.

Debbie Nichols and Alina Cochran

Terry O’Brien presented a Lake update, highlighting improvements made during the past year including the addition of lighting around the lake.

Terry O’Brien

Treasurer Rosemary McGee presented the Financial Report. The 2013 budget includes a two percent increase in annual dues. A recent study indicated the board needs to build up the reserve fund.

Treasurer Rosemary McGee

Secretary Jo Watta recognized the service of many community volunteers. She gave special recognition to Debbi Nichols who, as required in the by-laws, is rotating off the board after completing two consecutive full terms. Debbi, who has served most of the last twelve years on the board, received a standing ovation at the meeting for her work.

Jo Watta and Chris Gamber watch as Debbi Nichols opens her gift for outstanding service.

Talis Management Group representatives for Governors Village, Alina Cochran and Carlie Cobbett, greeted residents as they arrived and assisted with registration.

Community Manager Alina Cochran and Community Service Administrator Carlie Cobbett from Talis

Attachment: 2012 Annual Meeting Presentation, November 15, 2012 15.9M (PDF)