Board Of Directors Meetings Calendar For 2013

Note: Updated February 11, 2013 to correct the time and location of the Townes meetings.

Thanks to Carlie Cobbett, Community Service Administrator, Talis, for supplying this schedule.

The Governors Village community’s Board of Directors are meeting on the following dates in 2013.

Governors Village

Third Thursday of odd-numbered months at the Community Room, Camden Governors Village, 100 Durant Street, at 6:30 pm. Contact Talis to confirm time and place.

January 17
March 21
May 16
July 18
September 19
November 14 (annual)
December 19


Second Tuesday of even-numbered months at the Domicile at 6:00 pm. Contact Talis to confirm time and place.

February 12
April 9
June 11
August 13
October 8
November 12 (annual)
December 10

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