Financial Reports For Governors Village and Townes

2012 Year-end

2012 year-end financial reports for both the Governors Village master association and for the Townes of Governors Village have been added to the Documents section under the Community Balance Sheet and Budget Analysis headings. They are attached below also.

Final 2013 Budget

Also, added to Documents (and attached) is an updated copy of the 2013 budget. Please note that the only change is on line item 59500 to accurately track the interest on the loan.

Financial Reporting Schedule

Financial reports are not available to post on the website every month. At some point last year the Board had decided that the financials will be made available every quarter – March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31. The community management company will email them to the communication committee the following month, when they become available.

Communications would like to acknowledge and thank Community Manager Alina Cochran and Community Service Administrator Carlie Cobbett. They have been very helpful in setting up a procedure to send out financial and other documents as soon as possible for timely posting on the website.


2012 Year-end Governors Village Community Balance Sheet and Budget Analysis , January 17, 2013
2012 Year-end Townes Community Balance Sheet and Budget Analysis, January 16, 2013
Governors Village 2013 Final Budget, January 17, 2013