ARB Spring Reminder

April 6, 2013. Spring is here! Read a spring cleanup message from Debbi Nichols, Governors Village Architectural Review Board (ARB) chair.

Good morning!
Talis recently sent out a memo with lawn care tips, and if the weather warms up as promised, many of you will be outside cleaning up for spring. It is a good time to add a reminder that all exterior changes must be submitted to the ARB prior to starting the work (house painting, new landscaping, tree removal, etc.) There have been some reports of trees being removed recently, and there are serious consequences for removing trees without approval.

If you have a diseased or dead tree, the process is even simpler. Just call or email Alina at Talis with the specific information and she or an ARB member will inspect the tree.

The ARB meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month, and applications are due in to Talis the Wednesday prior to our meeting. You can get an application from the documents section of the community website at

If you have questions, please contact me or Alina at Talis.

Thanks- and enjoy the sunshine!
Debbi Nichols

Debbi Nichols, Governors Village Architectural Review Board (ARB) Chair,
dnichols4 at