Scenes From 2013 First Annual Community Garden Tour

The successful first annual garden tour of the Governors Village community took place Saturday, May 4, 2013, under cool, mostly overcast skies. Seven gardens in four neighborhoods were on display as owners welcomed enthusiastic visitors to their verdant retreats. The gardens were filled with stunning displays of spring blooms. The design and plantings in each garden were varied and distinct, rewarding neighbors who took the tour with countless ideas for use in their own gardens.

This year’s inaugural garden walk was planned by a group of residents who hope to make this an annual event. They also are interested in sharing horticultural knowledge, having plant exchanges and building community by connecting Governors Village residents through gardening all during the year. Organizers were Jane Hall (Lake), Keith Larkin (Forest), Adele McLean (Townes), Cliff Simpson (Park) and Ann White (Forest). Contact: Adele McLean—tarheeladele at

Scenes From The 2013 Tour Gardens

View the gardens.

Photos: Ted Smith, Ann White, Susie Moffat

Tip: Each of the seven gardens is presented in a separate collection of images. To see a garden’s images at a larger size click on a photograph and the view will change to a gallery. When finished stepping through all the images in one garden, close the gallery and choose another garden to view.

Patio Paradise, McLean-Brown Garden, Townes of Governors Village

Korach Garden, Governors Forest

Smith Garden, Governors Forest

Moffat Garden, Governors Park

Donaton-Duggan Garden, Governors Park

Malekpour Garden, Governors Lake

Hall Garden, Governors Lake

3 thoughts on “Scenes From 2013 First Annual Community Garden Tour

  1. Kathy Lohr

    Spectacular photographs, and I heartily agree this was a wonderful event! Thoroughly enjoyable, and all the “hosts” were wonderfully welcoming.

  2. Cheri Simpson

    Cliff and I really enjoyed seeing all seven gardens and meeting the generous hosts. We are already looking forward to next year! Thanks everyone. Best regards, Cheri Simpson

  3. Valerie Meicher

    Wonderful idea and follow-thru from the organizers. We are so fortunate to live in this wonderful – sharing neighborhood!

    Valerie Meicher

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