Behind The Scenes: Recreation Committee Volunteers Ready Pool For 2013 Opening Day

2013 Pool Work Day - 21Story and photos courtesy of Ted Smith, Communication Committee Photographer

As you enjoy the Governors Village community swimming pool this summer, take time to reflect on the team of volunteers who keep things in good order. The Recreation Committee led by Chair Barry Bassett, works hard to do just that and on May 9, 2013, they were busy working on a variety of chores at the annual Pool Work Night. The photos that follow will give you an idea of what is required to keep the pool safe and available throughout the summer.

Barry and his committee earned a pizza break from their labors, but that and our thanks are the only compensation they receive. Think of them whenever you are enjoying the pool. Other Recreation Committee members are: Garrett Blake, Erik Blake, John Cangelosi, Robb Czyzewski, Chris Gamber, POA Liaison; Linda Jay, Trent Leonard, Tim Mounce, Wes Weaver, and Bob Wynne.

As always, many hands make light work so more volunteers are always welcome. As you will see, even young volunteers are welcome. On this evening residents Brian Crawford and Brian Sawyer joined in to help ready the pool for opening day. A group of young Pool Professional staff, employed to watch over things during the pool’s hours of operation, were also on hand.2013 Pool Work Day - 15

In addition to their work preparing and maintaining the pool and cabana, the Recreation Committee also oversees and maintains these amenities for the community: tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, playgrounds and playground equipment.

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Thanks to the work of these volunteering neighbors, the pool opened successfully on May 11, 2013. Have a great summer Governors Village!

Barry Bassett, Recreation Committee Chair (ebarrybassett at