Use of Squirt Devices at Governors Village Pool

The Governors Village POA today announced their decision to retain the ban of squirt devices at the pool.

Dear Governors Village residents,

As many residents have become aware, there has been a recent request made of the Board by some residents regarding the current rule restricting the use of squirt devices at the community pool –and more succinctly, whether to repeal the rule or maintain it. As such, numerous residents have come forward to ask that the Board repeal the rule on the use of squirt devices at the community pool, and there have been numerous residents who have contacted the Board and Recreation Committee members requesting that the Board leave the rule as it stands. Therefore, the Board revisited the present squirt gun rule again at their May 2013 meeting, and after discussion and consideration decided that the Association will maintain the stance to not allow squirt devices in the facility.

The Board’s decision largely hinged on the fact that the pool is a community amenity, and must be made inviting and enjoyable for the broadest number of residents in our community. Therefore, while there is support for the allowance of squirt devices, based on the number of complaints and concerns, at this time, squirt toy use will remain prohibited inside the pool area. All involved in this matter understand that the decision to maintain the rule will not make some residents happy, but the Board has to try to ensure the pool is a community asset for all residents to enjoy during the summer months.

Hope you enjoy the summer!

Governors Village POA


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