New Policies for Governors Village

New Governors Village policies, financial reports and an updated Kitchen and Grill Reservation Form were made available recently. All of these documents are archived in the Documents section of this website (and on the Talis website) and are attached below for your convenience.

Two new policies were announced today, June 11, 2013, through a notification by Talis Management Group.

Dear Homeowners,

Please see the attached new policies per the Board of Directors of Governors Village.  The Yard Art policy is effective immediately.  The Board unanimously approved to adopt the Home Occupation Policy, to be effective on June 15th 2013.  Both policies are also availble via the Talis website and the Governors Village website for future reference.

Thank you!

Talis Management Group

The 2013 first quarter financial reports for Governors Village and the Townes have been released.

The form used to reserve the covered area at the pool has been updated.

Attachments (All documents are in PDF format):


Governors Village Home Occupation Policy May 16, 2013 (effective June 15, 2013)

ARB—Yard Art Policy 3.96, May 16, 2013 (effective immediately)


Governors Village Community Balance Sheet, April 30, 2013

Governors Village Community Budget Analysis, April 30, 2013

Townes of Governors Village Community Balance Sheet and Budget Analysis, April 30, 2013


2013 Governors Village Kitchen and Grill Reservation Form, June 11, 2013