ARB Reminder About Sidewalk Clearance

In a notice yesterday Debbi Nichols, Chair of the Architectural Review Board (ARB) requested that residents check the sidewalk clearance in front of their homes.

It has been a wonderful spring, and the trees and shrubs in our
neighborhoods have flourished. Many trees have extended over the sidewalks
and do need to be trimmed to allow safe passage for people walking and
kids on bikes. Please inspect your plant material along sidewalks and trim
to 8 feet above the sidewalk. Talis will be doing regular inspections and
letters will be sent out to property owners with trees needing trimming.
Debbi Nichols

Contact: Debbi Nichols, ARB Chair – dnichols4 at

4 thoughts on “ARB Reminder About Sidewalk Clearance

  1. Susan Wood

    Shouldn’t the landscapers take care of this? I have a tree that needs trimming. 10005 David Stone Drive

    1. govvillage

      Susan, since you live in the Townes please contact Talis, our community management company, to let them know about your tree. They will be able to advise.

  2. Susan Winters

    I think that individual owners trimming their own trees is not a good option. Since tastes vary, many will butcher the trees while others will not trim at all. Why doesn’t our landscaping company take care of this so it will be uniform?
    Also, we need mulch replaced in the front of our homes. When will this be done?
    Thanks for your consideration.
    Susan Winters

    1. govvillage

      Susan, as webmaster for Governors Village I appreciate your comment. Very glad to know you’re getting this information. For best results getting answers to your questions, please use the contact info in the article to reach Debbi (ARB Chair) or check with Talis (see Contacts page). There is also a community listserv (see Contacts page for help subscribing). Thanks, Susie

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