Invitation: Community meeting regarding proposed telecommunications monopole

Update (7/31/13, 11:45am): Based on a recent notification from Talis Management to Governors Village homeowners, this meeting is effectively cancelled.

Date: 7/31/13

Dear Governors Village Homeowners,
We wanted to let you know that in regards to the Cell Tower for Governors Village, the cell tower company has decided that the proposed location is presently off of the table and they are instead considering other more suitable locations.

Governors Village Homeowners Association

Original posting:

Governors Village Residents are invited to a community meeting regarding the telecommunications monopole (cell phone tower) proposed for 464 Old Farrington Point Road.

Meeting time & location: August 1, 2013, 5:30pm (see update above)
Hargraves Community Center
216 North Roberson St.
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Please see the following document for further details:
Proposed monopole_community_meeting

Map of proposed monopole location

Map of proposed monopole location: 464 Old Farrington Point Road