Notice from Talis Management: Aqua NC Alert

A rate increase request has been filed by Aqua NC, a utility company that services the Governors Village community. Talis Management recently sent out the following notice (see below) on behalf of Clean Water for NC. Please refer to the follow links for additional information about this issue.

Notice from Talis Management (with minor revisions for clarity)
Originally emailed to Governors Village residents on 8/7/13

Alert: Aqua NC files rate hike request

Last month (August 2013), Aqua North Carolina filed their request for a rate increase with the NC Utilities Commission. The document asks the NC Utilities Commission to approve:

  • An overall 19% increase in gross revenues (an additional $8.6 million)
  • An average monthly water bill increase of $10
  • Continued use of the flat sewer fee, with a $10 increase to $75/month
  • A water and wastewater system improvement charge, allowing your bills to go up 5% in between public hearings with no chance for comment

The new proposed statewide rates are:
Water – $20.28 base charge + $6.21 per 1000 gallons
Sewer – $75.28 flat fee

We’ll be in touch again soon about how you can work to keep your bills from getting even higher (or, if you’re not an Aqua NC customer, how you can plug into efforts to keep much of NC’s water in public, local hands!)

Yours for safe, affordable water,
Katie Hicks (, Clean Water for NC