2013-2014 TGIS Schedule

Governors Village TGIS events consist of monthly get-togethers hosted in the homes of neighborhood volunteers and provide an informal way to meet and stay in touch with neighbors. These are adult-only events with drinks and appetizers/desserts. Hosts are asked to provide name tags and paper products (napkins, plates, utensils) and guests bring a drink and appetizer/dessert to share. After a recent call for hosting volunteers, the schedule has been updated for the season. Thank you to all volunteers!

2013-2014 TGIS Schedule
7-Sep—Scott & Corinne Schillin, 20017 Fountain (Village)
5-Oct—Rob & Val Tan, 30094 Baxter (Park)
2-Nov—Ann White and Ron Banick, 10026 Hammock Bend (Forest)
7-Dec—Flint & Jenny O’Brien, 30125 Porter (Park)
11-Jan—Lou & Jo Watta, 30097 Baxter (Park)
8-Feb—Barbara McCullen, 30126 Porter (Park)
8-Mar—Todd Hyde & Julie Parmelee, 30135 Porter (Park)
5-Apr—Steve & Robin Heesacker, 30095 Baxter (Park)
3-May—Mary Ann & Gary Stringer, 20008 Grier (Village)

Contact: Jenny O’Brien, TGIS Coordinator, jennyo at nc.rr.com
Sponsored by the Governors Village Social Committee

TGIS Schedule 2013-2014 (PDF)

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