Oak Tree Removal In Meadow Park

Josephine Watta, Board Director representing Governors Park, announced today a venerable oak at the Southern end of Meadow Park will be removed soon.

Sometime between now and October 23 you may observe the large Oak tree at the Walser end of Governors Park – Meadow Park being removed. Unfortunately, despite many efforts over the past few years to save this tree, an arborist from Leaf and Limb has determined that the tree is beyond saving and is becoming a safety issue. Once the tree has been removed and the stump ground, we will, hopefully plant a new tree.

Please be aware that on the day of removal this area may be blocked from traffic. We apologize for any inconvenience this may pose to our residents. We will strive to have the removal work done as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimize this disruption. To help us in minimizing the effect and duration of the removal, and for the safety of all residents, we ask that you avoid the work area if at all possible during the removal process.

We ask all residents to be mindful of the danger of falling limbs and/or debris during the removal process and therefore, to keep themselves and any children a safe distance from the work area for everyone’s safety.

We thank you for your understanding and patience.

Contact: Jo Watta, jwatta1@nc.rr.com