Governors Village POA 2014 Board of Directors

The Governors Village Board elected officers at the December 2013 meeting. Minutes from that meeting are not yet available but here is the list of officers and committee liaisons.

Governors Village POA
2014 Board of Directors

Wesley Weaver – Village Director (2014)
20024 Boyd, Chapel Hill, NC 27517
President, Recreational Liaison
waweaver2003 at

Rosemary McGee – Forest Director (2015)
10010 Adirondack Way
Vice President, ARB Liaison
mcgee10010 at

Clifford Simpson – At Large Director (2016)
30171 Pharr Drive
Secretary, Social Liaison
cliff.simpson at

John Eberhard – At Large Director (2015)
30002 Village Park Drive
jeberhard at

Otto White – At Large Director (2014)
10014 Adirondack Way
Grounds Liaison
oehal at

Daniel Guy – Park Director (2016)
30133 Porter
Communications Liaison
dwguy at

Bill Hlavac – Lake Director (2014)
(2016 Term)
Safety Liaison
Bill.hlavac at

Peter Destaebler – Townes Director (2015)
11035 David Stone Dr.
Liaison to the GV Board
destaeblerp at

LaVerne Blankenship – Property Manager
Camden Governors Village
100 Durant Street
lblankenship at

Talis Management Team

Alina Cochran, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
Community Manager 919-878-8787 Ext. 235

Nichole Webster
Community Service Administrator
919-878-8787 Ext. 249

Linda Fisher
Financial Manager
919-878-8787 Ext. 260

Governors Village POA 2014 Board of Directors Listing (PDF)