Minutes—Governors Park Grounds, Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Governors Park Grounds committee met March 11, 2014 at the home of Chair Jo Watta.

From a long list of items the group established landscaping project priorities and identified several projects for community involvement.

Below are the minutes from the meeting.

March 11, 2014

Attending: John Eberhard, Susie Moffat, Mary Anne Hutton, Cliff Simpson, Jo Watta

The committee discussed those areas within Governors Park which needed enhancement.


1. Tree replacement – replace trees in area where dead trees have been removed to maintain the canopy.

2. Landscaping around the upper area of the amphitheater – have Davenport look at the evergreens currently planted along sidewalk and on hill adjacent to steps

3. a) Plant screening material in front of the service area of the pool to hide the trash cans. b) Have Davenport check on the health of the corkscrew willows which were damaged in an ice storm.

c) Have Davenport check the maple to the right of the pool house which is showing signs of dieback.

4. Enhance area at the top of Baxter, just down from the pond (in Meadow Park) to hold back erosion – get some grass/groundcover to take hold.

5. Enhance area at north end of loop near back of tennis court.

6. Long term – stage area at amphitheater.

Community Projects:

Fall bulb planting – lots of daffodils, crocus, etc.

Arbor day (April 25) – replace dying shrubs by amphitheater, plant small trees to help increase tree canopy.

Plant camellias or some other flowering shrubs by pump house

Move doggie station currently in the middle of Meadow Park to a less obvious area.

Respectfully submitted

Jo Watta

Jo Watta, Governors Park Grounds Committee Chair, jwatta1 at nc.rr.com

Governors Park Grounds Minutes March 11, 2014