Proposed Cell Tower on Farrington

Governors Village POA President posted the following letter to the Governors Village community listserve April 24, 2014.

To all in our neighborhoods:

The ListServe has been lighting up these past few days about a proposed 199′ cell tower proposed to be constructed off Old Farrington, just across the street from Governors Lake. I realize there has been some ‘passionate’ back and forth; I would like to at least provide the facts of what is proposed for our neighbors that have not seen the letter from AT&T’s representative and their proposal. Please see attached letter, dated 4/15 from Styers & Kemarait – the firm representing the proposed tower construction. This outlines the proposed activity, as well as a plat plan showing the tower’s proposed location. Several key dates to note in this process include:

Wednesday, April 30th at 7:00pm – Aqueduct Conference Center – 1620 Mt. Carmel Church Road
An ‘informal community meeting’ will be held for public feedback. 

Saturday, May 3rd – 7:00am to 10:00am – A balloon will be raised to the proposed tower height so neighbors can get an idea of the visual impact to our community. 

This proposal is on the agenda in June for the Chatham County planning department approval. I’m not aware of the final date / time for this meeting, but will publish as soon I know is finalized.

I’ve heard many yeas and more nays surrounding this issue. If you are passionate about this issue one way or the other, I strongly encourage you to participate in the public hearings portion of this approval process. A grass roots effort is a good thing.

Thank you,
Wes Weaver
GV POA President

Contact: Wesley Weaver – Governors Village POA President – waweaver2003 at

Cell Tower Letter April 15, 2014