Neighborhood Garage Sale Pictures

Story and photos courtesy of Ted Smith, Communication Committee Photographer On the morning of May 3, 2014, a very pleasant day, many neighbors set up their wares in the pool parking lot to prepare for the Annual Garage Sale. All kinds of treasures were on display and optimism was high for a successful sale day. As the pictures show, many items were purchased. People were seen going back and forth to their autos, depositing their acquisitions and eagerly returning to seek the next bargain. Even children were engrossed, pouring over the selection of toys and books. A group of our young people were selling coffee and pastries adding to the success of the day. They were also collecting donations for Relay For Life, a function within the American Cancer Society. You will also see the “suffering spouses”, some of whom were clearly bored and pondering why their significant others could not do without the article in their hands. There was much evidence of bargaining, both from the seller and the buyer as each strived for the best deal. In the end, it appeared that both were satisfied. Enjoy the pictures!