Follow Up – Proposed Cell Tower on Farrington

Governors Village POA President Wes Weaver posted the following information to the Governors Village community listserve May 29, 2014.


To provide an update on the proposed cellular tower proposed on Farrington, a community meeting was held this evening to discuss recent updates and proposed action items moving forward. For those that were able to witness the balloon test, it is obvious the proposed tower will have a significant impact to our community. I encourage you to reach out to our Chatham County commissioners to voice your concerns. They hold the ultimate vote of how this situation plays out. Please contact our commissioners as follows:

Chair – Walter Petty –
Vice-Chair – Brian Bock –
Commissioner – Jim Elza –

In addition, I would encourage you to reach out to the attorney representing AT&T / American Tower Company:

Gray Styers –

For all that are concerned, please make this a priority and send a note as soon as possible. We’re hoping a concerted and vocal response will encourage AT&T / American Tower to either relocate the proposed tower to another property or lower the proposed height.

Further communications / meetings will be held but please mark your calendars and plan to attend the Chatham Commissioners meeting on June 16th and let our communal voices be heard.

Thank you,
Wes Weaver

Contact: Wesley Weaver – Governors Village POA President – waweaver2003 at

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