Scenes from 2014 Music in the Park Americana Festival

Narrative and photos courtesy of Ted Smith, Governors Village Communications Committee

On Sunday, June 8, 2014 at 1:00 PM, the first annual Music In The Park concert took place. The concert was sponsored by the Governors Village Social Committee. The featured artists were Ceil and Dan, Isabel Taylor, Tokyo Rosenthal and Jeff Taylor.

Tokyo and Jeff are Governors Park residents presenting the wealth of talent within our very own community. Several of the performers demonstrated their ability to play more than one instrument adding to the afternoon’s entertainment. Tokyo was our Master of Ceremonies for the afternoon. The program began with Ceil and Dan.

Ceil and Dan have been playing and singing together for about five years. They perform both original songs and songs by songwriters they both enjoy.

The second act was Isabel Taylor. Isabel writes and performs original songs and some lesser-known songs by well-loved singer/songwriters, from acoustic folk and country traditions to the artists of today.

The third act, Tokyo Rosenthal, really needs no introduction. While he began his career with country rock, he has broadened hsound with a little blues and other influences. Tokyo has performed around the world and has received much recognition for his work. He also performs locally so if you’d like to enjoy more of his music, global traveling is not necessary.

The final act, Jeff Taylor, was joined on stage by Jennifer, a singer who delighted all with her fine voice. In addition to duets with Jennifer, Jeff entertained us with a variety of music, including some Irish tunes.

When the concert began, the audience was small, but enthusiastic. During the course of the afternoon, more people came in pursuit of the excellent entertainment. Even though it was warm, the attention paid to the performers never diminished. People living close by enjoyed the music from their porches. To keep the hot sun away from the spectators, canopies and tarps were placed in a variety of places. Some folks decided to lounge on the ground. Dancing and Hula-Hooping was always welcome. Lemonade and bottled water was available too, all to keep the audience comfortable.

We must thank Cliff Simpson, Janie Bailey (Chair) and all the Social Committee members for their labors planning and setting everything up for this music filled afternoon. The pictures will further describe this special day.