Governors Village – Condition of Lake

Alina Cochran, the Governors Village Community Manager from Talis Management Group, Inc, issued a message to homeowners today regarding the condition of the lake.

Dear Governors Village owners,

There have been some concerns in regards to the condition of the lake, and below is a summary prepared by Dragonfly Pond Works, who provides stormwater management for our community:

Planktonic algae includes several different species of photosynthetic cyanobacteria that live throughout the water column. These types of algae can rapidly reproduce and form blooms that are visible on the surface of lakes and ponds as surface “scum”. Water bodies with little to no flow are particularly high at risk for blue-green algal blooms. The causes blue-green algae blooms are not fully understood, but they are generally related to increased nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations in the water. Clear water with low turbidity allows for deeper penetration of sunlight, and thus can also be another contributing factor to algal blooms.

Algaecide treatments are considered a possible short-term treatment option, but algaecides break open the bacteria cells possibly causing the release of toxins into the lake. There are also risks associated with using algaecides as they can be directly or indirectly toxic to fish. In addition, given the high reproductive rate of planktonic algae, a re-bloom would likely occur within a few weeks following treatment.

Use of organic dye as a shading tool to reduce sunlight penetration into the water column can sometimes help with the problem, but is an action of prevention rather than treatment. In the past the Governor’s Village HOA had indicated they were not interested in adding dye to the pond, but if they would like to try dye as a management tool we can try an application. If they are ok with the dye we can always add it to their contract.

Finally, this pond drains a relatively large watershed, and it may be difficult to control or eliminate all nutrient sources from the drainage area. It is important to educate homeowners and landscaping contractors about the importance of following application best practices when using fertilizers on lawns and common areas. For example, fertilizer overuse just prior to a rain event will lead to transport of excess nutrients via stormwater runoff to the pond, thereby creating conditions favorable to algal blooms. Pet waste can be another source of excess nutrients, so it is important to manage pet waste as well.

Governors Village POA

Alina Cochran, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
Community Manager, Talis Management Group, Inc
Phone: 919-878-8787 ext. 235
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