Followup: 14th Annual Governors Village Luminary Night

The 14th Annual Governors Village Luminary Night was held Saturday, December 13, 2014. Tim and Melissa Watkins thanked everyone for participating in a letter to the listserve.


The 14th Annual Governors Village Luminary Night was a great success! The weather was wonderful, the luminaries looked great, we had some fun (including a visit from Santa) and, as community, we contributed to support the families of the Ronald McDonald House.

We want thank everyone who volunteered to prepare, set out, and clean up the luminaries this year and to thank everyone who contributed to the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill. Thanks also to the social committee for arranging the visit from Santa and providing hot chocolate and coffee. We also would like to thank Domicile Realty for once again participating and hosting the community gathering at the Bean and Barrel. Finally, this event would not be possible without the help of our area coordinators – so we would like to thank Karen Howard, Ann White, Leslie Nelson, and Stephanie Anderson.

Happy Holidays!

Tim and Melissa Watkins


Luminaries – Park – Tim and Melissa Watkins, watkinsnc at
Social Committee – Mary Anne Hutton, maryannehutton at

Photographs by Ted Smith, Communications Chair and Photographer